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How to Draw Goku Eyes - Easy Pictures to Draw

How to Draw Goku Eyes - Easy Pictures to Draw

Dragonball is a story that follows Goku, and alien that defends the earth from a series of different villains.  Based on a manga created by Akira Toriyama, the anime gained massive popularity in the US in the mid 90s.
The show still had a massive fanbase (I'm part of it).

I go through a few different ways on drawing Goku Eyes. Goku's easys are very similar to most other characters in the dragonball universe. Most have a rectangular appearance. Think of a rectangle that slowly gets larger as it moves from the inside to the outside. This eye is in an expression of anger, so it ill have this descending V-shape towards the center. The eyes are much larger in proportion then the average  human eye.

Things to Remember:

-start from the inside out to get the center of the face placement correctly.
-if you do not make them symmetrical, make the difference obvious, so it looks like you did it on purpose.
-be careful not to make him look cross-eyed

I've made this small step by step below, and check Out the Video for more info! :D

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