Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Draw a Caricature - Caricature Demonstration - Easy Pictures to Draw

How to Draw a Caricature - Caricature Demonstration - Easy Pictures to Draw 

In this video I go through a caricature from beginning to end. I take a photo from a 70s reference book of an older male. I start going over how I chose what features to exaggerate.

I think of the overall impression I get just from looking at the picture for a second. I have to ask myself, "what is my first impression?."  Do not over think! The first 2 things that come to me are "his nose angles down and is larger then normal, and this makes his eyes look smaller then average. So I have my first two drawing decisions. Making his nose larger will invariably cover a part of his mouth. Covering his mouth a little gives the impression of a much much larger nose. You can choose how far you want to take the exaggeration. Everyone does it a little differently. Even you will do it differently depending on your mood. How to draw books are good.

A good exercise is to draw the same face three times while emphasizing different aspects. This will never escape you even while walking around on the street. The practice of analyzing people's facial proportions will follow you for a while, if you do this often enough. I am going to go through several more processes in the next video, I hope this helped a little on exaggeration.  Make all things Easy Pictures to Draw!

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